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The preparations for the DESIGN SHAKER 2019 trade fair are in full swing!

Vystavovatelé 2018 Designshaker EN

XXXField office

Are you thinking about where to present your interior designs and how to attract more clients to your office? Try to move it for a few days to the place where your clients are concentrated! Its basis is a table, electricity, the Internet and area for visual presentation. You can take part in accompanying lectures and workshops too.


  • Enough space for presentation of your work.
  • Power supply for your laptop is available
  • In the meantime you can work.

About event

DESIGN SHAKER, the largest spring fair of interior design, running alongside with the Light in the Architecture, FOR INTERIOR, FOR GARDEN, FOR HABITAT and HOUSING new projects.

The aim of the fair is to present contemporary interior trends to the general public and to create an ideal platform for meeting designers, interior designers
For the eighth consecutive year, visitors of PVA EXPO PRAGUE can look forward to a showcase of contemporary Czech and foreign design. The forthcoming year of the DESIGN SHAKER will be held again in March, from 21 to 24 March 2019. It again promises a place for the performers themselves, especially for young novice designers as well as established brands and Czech manufacturers.
 Like the previous years, this year's exhibition is also curatorial, so visitors will be presented with products and trends that have gone through a qualified selection.

The guarantor of quality selection is the architect and interior designer Ing. arch. Hana Medková, who has long-term experience in architecture, design and art.

Other eminent names of Czech and foreign designer scenes will be presented as part of the Media Café, where workshops and lectures will take place as in previous years. Media Café will once again be the heart of the fair, where good coffee can read or hear news from the world of design.
DESIGN SHAKER is not just a product exhibition, it offers consultations with designers and architects directly at the fair. For this purpose, the section of Fresh Space will be used, where you can look closely at work in the architectural or design studio, view designs and realizations of individual studies, or get advice or tips on how to solve a particular problem. At the same time, there will be designers who are still studying or freshly making their own brands. Another section of the show traditionally consists of Big Deal featuring a selection of Czech manufacturers and distributors of foreign brands.


For the 8th time in a row, visitors can enjoy a show of contemporary Czech and Foreign design. The upcoming edition of the fair DESIGN SHAKER is traditionally held in the spring housing set of fairs, on 21-24 March 2019. Compared to the previous years, it promises more space for introducing the creators themselves, especially young beginners and established brands.
The aim of the fair is to present contemporary interior trends to the general public and to create an ideal platform for meeting designers, interior designers, and manufacturers. Like the previous years, this year's exhibition is also curatorial, so visitors will be presented with products and trends that have gone through a qualified selection.








Veletrhy bydlení, designu a zahrady 2017


According to interior designers and architects, Czechs belong, in the area of designs and equipment of households, rather among conservative customers. Nevertheless, there are designers with brilliant ideas on the Czech market as well. In other words, it seems that the well-known saying about golden Czech hands is still valid. Accessories made of concrete, wooden sawdust and other matters of interest can be seen at the FOR HABITAT Trade Fair held at the Prague Letňany Exhibition Centre, which lasts till Sunday, 26 March. According to Eva Levenhefrová, interior designer, Czech households have been undergoing transformation from conservatively equipped homes to modern and trendy living in recent years.

Concrete hygiene

Most people think that concrete is suitable for construction of buildings only. Marek Bilko and his wife therefore try to upgrade this material and use it in an innovative way. “We were working on development of the technology for two years before we started with production. We produce everything manually, from moulds to mixtures, filling, grinding and polishing,” stresses Marek Bilko, Executive Officer of the Creer Company, who has been selling concrete products for one year only. They were working on the first concrete tray for almost one year, and just the mould production lasted for six months. “Now we are able to produce a tray in eight weeks,” adds Mr. Bilko. Although one tray costs CZK 180,000, Czechs are highly interested in these products, in the opinion of the Executive Officer of the Company. The offer of the concrete products includes, apart from trays, also washbasins and other interior accessories. Bilko was proud also of the pearl in the concrete kingdom and probably also a world unique product. “We have an interesting innovation here, record player made of concrete, it should be the first record player of such a type in the world.”

How to suitably use waste products

Why to dump things when they can be well processed? This is the way of thinking also at the Krygi Company which deals with the designing and bespoke production of furniture and lighting fittings. “Many people think that our lights are made of straw, but they are made of woodchips. We have developed the idea of recycling this way. We have a joiner’s workshop focused on production of furniture and we did not want to dispose of woodchips or to combust them without any further use,” said Marian Lacek, Seller of the Company, in his interview for Novinky, explaining how they came to an idea of pressing the sawdust into interesting shapes. By means of various lampshades the firm is able to use their natural airiness while maintaining natural characteristics of wood. The lights are sold in two sizes. The large lamp costs CZK 14,500 while the price of the small one is CZK 9,000.

Design trends for the household

At the trade fair held at the Prague Letňany Exhibition Centre you can meet also Iva Bastlová, Interior Designer, who organises, already for the fourth time, the only expositions with interior trends in the Czech Republic entitled “Scene, inspirations and trends”. “Like every year, we have selected four trends. The name of the first one is Kultural, which is a cultural mix. The other is Poetic, modern romance, the third is Harmony. This style is highly inspired with nature and live plants. The last one known as Smart is about a smart household, about smart materials.” The exposition should serve especially as inspiration for visitors, explaining how it is possible to combine various colours and materials.

Kristýna Léblová, Novinky (News)

The largest spring presentation of living, design and gardens has started

More than thirty thousand visitors will come to the FOR HABITATFOR GARDENFOR FURNITURE Trade Fairs, to the presentation of interior design known as DESIGN SHAKER, to the exhibition entitled BYDLENÍ, nové projekty (LIVING, New Projects) and this year for the first time also to the specialised exhibition LIGHT IN ARCHITECTURE. The set of the spring trade fairs was commenced on Thursday in the morning by Karla Šlechtová, Minister for Regional Development, together with Jiří Koliba, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade, Vlastimil Pick, Vice President of the Union of Towns and Municipalities of the Czech Republic, and Pavel Sehnal, Chairman of the Board of Directors of ABF. Almost six hundred expositions and a rich accompanying programme are prepared for visitors. The event is open from Thursday to Saturday, from 10 to 18 hours and ends on Sunday (26 March) at 17 hours. For detailed information please see the web sites,,,,,

The set of the spring FOR HABITAT Trade Fairs attracted a number of foreign guests

This year’s set of the spring FOR HABITAT Trade Fairs (i.e. FOR HABITAT, FOR GARDEN, FOR FURNITURE, DESIGN SHAKER, Světlo v architektuře (Light in Architecture) and Bydlení, nové projekty (Living, New Projects) attracted a number of rare foreign visitors.




The ceremonial opening and subsequent cocktail of the joint exposition of the Italian firms at the DESIGN SHAKER Trade Fair under the MEDINIT company’s organisation was attended by H.E. Aldo Amati, Italian Ambassador to the Czech Republic and by representatives of the Italian-Czech Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CAMIC).





The private event of the DESIGN SHAKER OPENING intended for designers and other professionals from the sector was graced by the presence of also Mr. Gerhard Schlattl, Commercial Attaché of Austria, and Jan Cimerman, Marketing Director of the Commercial Department of the Embassy of Austria, or Mr Adam Čumpel, Commercial Advisor of the Embassy of Denmark.






H.E. Efthymios Efthymiades, Ambassador of Greece to the Czech Republic, visited the trade fair on the second day, together with Mr. Pavlos Olziersky, Greek Counsellor for Economic and Commercial Affairs, and they saw the entire trade fair and together visited the stand with the furniture of the Greek Exhibitor MESA EXO in the 2D hall.







The market research for individual sectors of the trade fairs was processed by commercial counsellors from the Embassy of the Kingdom of Spain, Mrs. Nerea Gallego Ortiz de Zarate and Mr. Pablo Bajo Dasca.






The trade fairs attracted also a number of foreign purchasing managers, who may have visited your stand as well. For example, Mr. Develtere, proprietor of the Belgium-based firm of the same name, accompanied by Markéta Borůvková, Deputy Belgian Attaché, or Daeha Chair Co. a company from South Korea, looking for partners and distributors in the area of office furniture through the Chamber of Commerce at the Czech-Korean Society, were just two cases from the series of the VIP visitors trying to establish business contacts.





We are an affirmed italian reality with a bright outlook to the future.
Our history is deeply rooted in the art of manufacturing marble
We aim to interact with architects and designers in a efficient and flexible manner.

Domos Design is a reliable partner, over the years we have been chosen to supply and manufacture stone and marble for luxury hotels, private residences and even many commercial spaces.

A Marble Lamp tells a new tale.
Each element holds a promise for the future and demonstrates how new technologies combine perfectly with the craft of our old master artisans.
Discovering marble is our life.
Sculpting light is our ambition.



Mix of design, elegance, passion: Doge Veneziano realizes your dreams, turning them into a brilliant reality.

You can find in us the experience of skilled craftsmen who for years transformation materials such as wood or marble in valuable elements that give value to the environment and a taste for beauty, the charm of luxury designed by leading architects.

The meeting of ideas and experiences of high value professionals has hallowed us o create our company, our brand.

Doge Veneziano offers innovative, different, out of order products and is specialized in wood and Venetian beads working, curtain and furniture design.

We are always searching of new solutions and trends with a continuous profusion of new ideas and projects, always characterized by elegance, good taste and exclusivity.

Cremasco lights up the whole world, with 101% all-Italian tradition


EXCELLENT DESIGN. Artisan-crafted products made with traditional materials such as brass, wood.

Skillfully hand-made to create lighting effects both large and small with unique design and high quality with finishes that last in time.

Glass diffusers, blown by master artisans following ancient techniques. Any tiny imperfections should be considered fine characteristics and distinctive features of this sophisticated process. Manufacturing process and not faults.

Products for outdoors, treated to make them also suitable for seaside home.

Cremasco lights up the whole world, with 101% all-Italian tradition.

Happy lighting everyone!



At AV Design, technological innovation is at the service of manual work, creative genius an a genuine passion for product “100% Made in Italy” due to continuous efforts in view of product and production improvement and flexibility enhancement.

First and foremost, AV Design is “Made in Italy”, showing a remarkable ability in combining a tradition going back a thousand years with technical innovation.

AV Design is engaged in a process of constant evolution, working on innovation of its indoor and outdoor products. This evolution is based not only on project and ideas, but also on high technology, style, italian design and great diligence regarding each single detail, from the raw materials to the finished product.

The most recent collections are the synthesis of this unlimited passion.



Aluvetro is a newly born company, established in 2014 after a spin off from Vetraria Pescini. The latter has more than forty years of experience in machining flat glass. Thanks to this experience the company has now the technical leadership in its area of activity. The company occupies over 10,000 square meters, with a workshop of nearly 5,000 square meters.The core business is represented by the production of top quality insulating glass, laminated glass and

tempered/toughened glass. All products are labelled CE and comply with the UNI rules.

Vetraria Pescini, always focusing on continuous evolutions of the market, has decided to invest significant resources so as to develop a new and innovative aluminium and glass balustrade line. The characteristics of such new product line suggested the creation of a new brand, too: Aluvetro. Aluvetro in the last year has developed a new family of elegant and fashionable glass balustrades, all complying with European safety requirements. Thanks to an exclusive patented aluminium housing, the installation is very quick and easy. The housing can be either located above the floor, sunk inside it, or even fitted to its side.

FOR GARDEN - exhibitor



1. See the application form HERE  or download a fillable form : 



2. Fill, sign and stamp the application form and send it to the contact email below


3. You will receive an invoice for a deposit and when the payment is made, you will receive the location.




How do I ship my products to the fair? Is there a storage? 

- for logistics, storages or anything related, please contact : CENTRUMSPED s.r.o., Filip Červený - Forwarders  Mobile: + 420 : 602 501 381, E-mail:


What is included in the price? 

- It is very individual and depends on your orders, for making the exact calculations, please contact the email below.


Where can I find the list of exhibitors? 

-  it will be published on our website, you can find the list of exhibitors from the previous fair in the final report below 


Can I still apply after the deadline? 

- it depends on the availability, but we will do our best to work this out 





Payments are made via bank transfer in CZK or EUR only 


Additional payments upon registration at the fair are made only in cash (we have an ATM right next to it) 


In case of any questions please contact : 

Ilona Junusmetova

Foreign trade manager

M: +420 739 003 158

T:  +420 225 291 185






Specialized exhibition of lighting, design and accessories called SVĚTLO V ARCHITEKTUŘE (LIGHT IN ARCHITECTURE) was taken by the ABF company from the CZECH ARCHITECTURE WEEK company on 17. 10. 2016. The fifth year of the project will be held at PVA EXPO PRAGUE in Letnany as a separate event simultaneously with the FOR HABITAT, FOR FURNITURE, FOR GARDEN, DESIGN SHAKER and BYDLENÍ, NOVÉ PROJEKTY (LIVING, NEW PROJECTS) fairs from 23 to 26 March 2017.

ABF will enable long-term development of the SVĚTLO V ARCHITEKTUŘE (LIGHT IN ARCHITECTURE) project







SVĚTLO V ARCHITEKTUŘE (LIGHT IN ARCHITECTURE) project presents the best and the most prominent Czech and world brands in the field of lamps and lighting equipment. It is intended primarily for architects, designers, construction engineers and developers from all over the Czech Republic. Its translation into modern premises PVA EXPO PRAGUE in Letnany provides the project with comprehensive exhibition facilities and benefits for both exhibitors and visitors.


The project here may expand to a larger exhibition area, which provides space for the presentation of other companies in the field and extend the offer to visitors. Another reason is the development of related professional programs. There can be hosted variety of conferences, lectures, seminars or workshops, both on the show floor and in conference rooms, which provide modern technical facilities. Generally ABF company wants to continue to build the brand SVĚTLO V ARCHITEKTUŘE (LIGHT IN ARCHITECTURE) and further develop professional accompanying programs.

The main media partner will still be magazine SVĚTLO (Light).








Final report 2016

Big Deal


BIG DEAL - classic exhibition presentation


In this section, you can choose any large area that best fits your exposure. In addition to power and internet, the exhibition area can also be provided with water supply and waste disposal.

  • Present on such area as needed.
  • Your products can become part of your advertising campaign.

Download aplication form

Contact: Ilona Junusmetova



Benlemi                                                       Teek                                                          Design Fabrika

Favour                                                        Disemo                                                      Sexy fusion 

Star Interier                                                 Martin Foret                                             Studio Krygi

Jakub Velinsky                                           Creer                                                           Nábytek Duchoň

Sedea                                                           Innex                                                          Design Fabrika

Kartoons                                                      Alax                                                            Trusella

Ancor                                                           Kreiner                                                        Integart 

Triant                                                          Flower Company                                       Mendelova univerzita 


Fresh space

Students and beginning Czech designers have a non-negligible share in the growing awareness of Czech design. The rising generation cooperates with established Czech manufacturers and every year competes for prestigious international awards. A selected group of those most talented will have an opportunity of presenting their work to both the specialised and general public at Design Shaker 2016 and of getting interesting contacts there. Participation in the Fresh Space sections is subsidised, unlike the ordinary rental fees.



  • Altogether 20 young designers will present their work there.

  • Creatively prepared expositions.

  • The freshest design ideas.

Field office

Are you thinking about where to present your interior designs and how to attract more clients to your office? Try to move it for a few days to the place where your clients are concentrated! Its basis is a table, electricity, the Internet and area for visual presentation. You can take part in accompanying lectures and workshops too.


  • Enough space for presentation of your work.
  • Power supply for your laptop is available
  • In the meantime you can work.

Why to exhibit

Design Shaker is held within the framework of the spring trade fairs FOR HABITAT, FOR FURNITURE, FOR GARDEN and BYDLENÍ, NOVÉ PROJEKTY, which every year welcome tens of thousands of visitors - mostly professionals and people building up a new home. Many of them are not regular visitors of design shows and exhibitions.

The exposition is divided into three sections, which is very useful for both the visitors and exhibitors. Design Shaker 2016 offers an immediate contact between manufacturers, distributors of furniture and accessories, interior designers and architects.

Besides traditional visitors of the FOR FURNITURE Trade Fair, the Design Shaker event is targeted also at a group of visitors focused solely on selective design presentations. Useful design will therefore be complemented by exhibits on the border of design and artistic objects.

Through curators and expert committee's emphasis on choice and quality of exhibiting participants.

The exhibition makes it possible to establish new professional contacts with businesspersons, manufacturers and customers. Thus it brings higher sales volumes, new business opportunities and profit.

Design Shaker is presented separately, including a dedicated billboard campaign, its own PR strategy and media support.


Big Deal

In this section you can select an arbitrarily large area, which is the most suitable for your exposition. In addition to the inlet of power supply and the Internet, the presentation place can be provided also with a water inlet and sewerage system connection.

  • Prepare your presentation on the area whose size corresponds to your needs.
  • VYour products may become a part of the advertising campaign.

Price from CZK 1,200 per m2

Download Application Form

Fresh Space

If you are designers and you create under your own brand or if you are still a student, please come to introduce yourself and establish important contacts. Offer your goods to customers in the right place. It is sufficient if you “settle” in one of the exhibition houses.

  • Present and sell your products.
  • Interpret the prepared house according to your preferences.

Price from CZK 10,000

Download Application Form

Field Office

Are you thinking about where to present your interior designs and how to attract more clients to your office? Try to move it for a few days to the place where your clients are concentrated! Its basis is a table, electricity, the Internet and area for visual presentation. You can take part in accompanying lectures and workshops too.

  • Enough space for presentation of your work.
  • Power supply for your laptop is available.
  • In the meantime you can work.

Price for CZK 11,500

Download Application Form